Week 6 NFL – The Cruncher List for Week 6: Game-By-Game Analysis

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Houston @ Tennessee (-3), Projected Total: 53.5 points

Titans vs. QB: 17th Texans vs. QB: 11th
Titans vs. RB: 25th Texans vs. RB: 28th
Titans vs. WR: 22nd Texans vs. WR: 17th
Titans vs. TE: 22nd Texans vs. TE: 14th

Houston – Projected total: 25.25 points

QB Deshaun Watson DK: $7,000 FD: $8,200
RB David Johnson DK: $5,400 FD: $6,400
WR Will Fuller DK: $6,800 FD: $6,700
WR Brandin Cooks DK: $5,000 FD: $5,700
TE Darren Fells DK: $3,800 FD: $5,100

This game has the 4th highest projected total on the slate – but sits just 1.5 points below the highest, which makes it an intriguing one to go with a game stack on.  The Titans haven’t been a great defence so far this season, but I think a part of that is due to how many points their offence has put up, with many of their games turning into high scoring affairs.  The Texans came alive last week, picking up a much needed win over the Jags led by their passing attack – where Watson, Cooks and Fuller all had solid days, resulting in boosted prices for each of them this week, particularly with Cooks – who is no longer in the free square conversation at $5,000 (DK) and $5,700 (FD).  To me, the passing game has some viable options, though I don’t love any of them this week at their respective price points.  Will Fuller is intriguing on FanDuel where he checks in relatively cheaper, while I prefer the price point for Cooks on DK.  Watson is in play for both sites as an option to stack with one of those WR’s if you use them – but again, I prefer other options on the board.

The price point for David Johnson is intriguing, especially against a defence that has struggled against opposing RB’s so far this season – but while he has a high floor, nothing that I have seen from DJ this season leads me to believe that the ceiling is very high for him and I have no problem continuing to fade him until further notice.

Finally on the TE’s, keep an eye out for the status of Jordan Akins leading up to announcements for who will be inactive as Fells is a viable punt at the TE position if he is held out again for the second week.  If he does suit up, Akins is worth tossing into your player pool for a couple percent at $3,300 on DK.

The Cruncher List

  • None

Good Plays

  • WR Will Fuller (FD)
  • WR Brandin Cooks (DK)
  • TE Darren Fells (DK – if Akins is out)

Tennessee – Projected total: 28.25 points

QB Ryan Tannehill DK: $5,900 FD: $7,300
RB Derrick Henry DK: $7,300 FD: $9,000
WR AJ Brown DK: $5,600 FD: $6,500
TE Jonnu Smith DK: $5,200 FD: $5,800

I think all four of the Titans above are excellent options at their respective price points and positions this week.  While I don’t think you’ll want to stack the four of them, I have no problem going stacking with this offence – a team that made a great Bills defence look quite poor on Tuesday night.

RB Derrick Henry is one of the premier options at RB this week going up against a Houston front that has struggled to stop the run.  The Bills actually did a pretty good job of bottling up Henry last week, holding him to a measly 3.0 YPC, but he managed to find the endzone twice – making it a nice fantasy day for him.  With Evans put on IR for a few weeks, he could see a few more touches than normal in this one – and given that the game has such a high total, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have a monster game – something that we haven’t seen from him so far this season.

As for the passing game, they looked outstanding with the return of AJ Brown – and both Brown, and Jonnu Smith thrived as two of the only reliable options at Tannehill’s disposal, with them seeing 9 and 7 targets respectively.  Both of them found the endzone with Jonnu scoring twice, bringing him to 5 on the season.  WR Adam Humphries should be back in the fold for the Titans this week, but I wouldn’t expect him to cut too much into the looks for either Brown or Smith this week.

Because of the game being on Tuesday, we don’t have any price adjustments here, creating ‘value’ prices on all three of the passing game options.  There’s a lot of different ways that you could play this, but I think you’ll want at least one piece of this trio in a fair number of your line-ups this week with Brown/Smith being my favourites, though Tannehill could be an under-appreciated option in DFS circles yet again this week.

The Cruncher List

  • QB Ryan Tannehill
  • RB Derrick Henry
  • WR AJ Brown (DK)
  • TE Jonnu Smith

Good Plays

  • WR AJ Brown (FD)

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh (-3), Projected total: 51 points

Steelers vs. QB: 14th Browns vs. QB: 25th
Steelers vs. RB: 5th Browns vs. RB: 10th
Steelers vs. WR: 28th Browns vs. WR: 30th
Steelers vs. TE: 10th Browns vs. TE: 25th

Cleveland – Projected Total: 24 points

QB Baker Mayfield DK: $5,700 FD: $7,000
RB Kareem Hunt DK: $6,900 FD: $7,000
WR Odell Beckham Jr. DK: $6,400 FD: $6,700
WR Jarvis Landry DK: $4,900 FD: $5,600
TE Austin Hooper DK: $3,900 FD: $5,200

Keep an eye on the status of OBJ, as he was sent home from practice this week with an illness.  Assuming that he does suit up – I don’t have a lot of interest in him personally going up against the Steelers secondary, who I do think will improve on their passing defence as the season progresses – but he is worth keeping in your player pool with modest exposure in your builds.  On the off chance that he does miss this game, Jarvis Landry would get a bump up & would be a viable option who should see tons of volume given the limited options at Mayfield’s disposal – but for now, assuming OBJ will be out there – I don’t have much interest.

RB Kareem Hunt should be in line for another week with a heavy workload.  The match-up is a tough one – one that will keep him off of The Cruncher List this week – but we saw Miles Sanders do some damage on the ground a week ago, and Hunt and the OL for the Browns certainly have the ability to open up a few holes for Hunt in this one.  The price point for him is outsanding on both sites, but the floor against the Steelers front seven is lower than it typically would be for Hunt most weeks.

The Cruncher List

  • None

Good Plays

  • RB Kareem Hunt
  • WR Odell Beckham Jr

Pittsburgh – Projected Total: 27 points

QB Ben Roethlisberger DK: $6,700 FD: $7,600
RB James Conner DK: $7,100 FD: $7,100
WR Juju Smith-Schuster DK: $6,600 FD: $7,100
WR Chase Claypool DK: $5,200 FD: $5,500
TE Eric Ebron DK: $4,100 FD: $5,200

On the surface, the Browns secondary has been dreadful this season – though a lot of the fantasy production allowed has been due to the fact that they have been playing with large leads – with teams turning almost exclusively to the air to try and keep up with them.  Not to say they have looked good – but I do think that this match-up looks better for Big Ben and company than it actually is…unless you think that the Browns will run all over the Steelers this week.

Juju is an easy fade for me at his current price point.  We haven’t seen much from him outside of week one’s outing – and until he starts to see a higher target share, it’s pretty easy to be off of him at those prices.  With WR Diontae Johnson out this week, we should see Chase Claypool get significant run again this week and he’s an elite option at those price points.  It wreaks of chasing points – which I don’t like one bit – but I really don’t think that is going to be the case here, and I think he’ll have another strong week.  Now – don’t expect anything near what he put up last week – but he is in a spot to do some damage again this week – and he clearly has Big Ben’s trust, seeing 11 targets – which was more than double any of the other options in Pittsburgh’s passing game.

Moving onto Big Ben – this looks like an amazing spot for him – and it might well just be, but I haven’t liked what I’ve seen from him so far this year.  It may just be a function of him shaking off the rust after last year’s injury – but his intended air yards, sitting at 7 is shockingly low, putting him right down there with primarily game managers.  That, in combination with the fact that I think the Browns pass defence in terms of fantasy points allowed has been largely driven by game scripts is enough to keep him off of The Cruncher List this week for me – though I wouldn’t argue with anyone that wanted to fire him up in a decent percentage of their line-ups – it just won’t be me.

TE Eric Ebron is an interesting option at the position.  He’s one of my favourite cheap TE’s on DK, fresh off a game that saw him haul in 5 of 6 targets (albeit with one lost fumble and another that likely should have resulted in a second lost fumble – which cut into his opportunity last week).  He was on the injury report with a hand injury earlier in the week – but that looks to have cleared.  I do think it is probably wise to spend up vs. rostering Ebron – but if we see Claypool and/or Juju command the attention of the Browns pass defence, it could open up the potential for Ebron to have a productive game.

As for the running game, nothing against James Conner – but I do prefer a number of other options on the board this week and I’ll be fading him.

The Cruncher List

  • WR Chase Claypool

Good Plays

  • QB Ben Roetlisberger
  • TE Eric Ebron

Baltimore (-9) @ Philadelphia, Projected Total: 46.5

Eagles vs. QB: 12th Ravens vs. QB: 9th
Eagles vs. RB: 12th Ravens vs. RB: 4th
Eagles vs. WR: 27th Ravens vs. WR: 6th
Eagles vs. TE: 28th Ravens vs. TE: 18th

Baltimore, Projected Total: 27.75 points

QB Lamar Jackson DK: $7,700 FD: $9,000
RB JK Dobbins DK: $4,200 FD: $5,100
WR Marquise Brown DK: $6,500 FD: $6,300
TE Mark Andrews DK: $6,500 FD: $7,600

The Ravens have a pretty high projected total this week – and they’ll probably hit it – but there isn’t a ton of DFS appeal for me here this week.  We’ve seen Lamar Jackson rush the ball a lot less so far this season, capped off by his 2 rush week in Week 5’s win over Cincy.  Granted, they were playing with a big lead and he was on the injury report with a knee issue – so it shouldn’t be shocking – but he’s priced too high unless he is going to carry the ball 8-10+ times in my opinion.  I think the Eagles will be in tough to contain him in this one – I’m just not so sure that we will see him carry it a lot in a game that they shouldn’t ‘need’ that too often.

As for the backs, I have no problem fading them until further notice.  We have a 3-man time share here and while I have more interest in Dobbins than either Ingram or Edwards, I don’t think you need much, if any exposure to the backfield when they are all regularly getting touches with no one clearing 10 touches consistently.  There’s some appeal here as a contrarian DFS play to rotate a few combos – but that’s about it.

As for the passing weapons, WR Marquise Brown has seen at least 6 targets in all 5 games so far.  He has yet to put up a monster total on the board and is certainly capable of doing that in just about any match-up.  At his price, I do prefer other options here though – he’s far from cheap and Jackson really hasn’t gotten it going through the air through five weeks.  TE Mark Andrews, on the other hand – while I don’t like paying up for TE’s, this isn’t a bad week to do it in my opinion.  I love a lot of the mid-priced options on the board, especially at WR – and while he’s the most expensive TE by a pretty wide margin, I think it’s for good reason.  I think he’ll give the Eagles fits trying to defend him – they have been brutal against TE’s all season and we saw what Kittle did to them in Week 4.  There’s risk to paying up for him, but I love the play in this match-up and I think Jackson will continue to lean heavily on Andrews, especially in the redzone.

The Cruncher List

  • TE Mark Andrews (DK)
  • Ravens DST

Good Plays

  • WR Marquise Brown
  • TE Mark Andrews (FD)

Philadelphia – Projected Total: 18.75 points

QB Carson Wentz DK: $5,600 FD: $7,000
RB Miles Sanders DK: $6,600 FD: $7,600
WR Travis Fulgham DK: $4,400 FD: $5,300
WR Greg Ward DK: $4,100 FD: $5,300
TE Zach Ertz DK: $5,000 FD: $6,000

I won’t be using any Eagles this week – though there are a few options worth at least discussing:

RB Miles Sanders and WR Travis Fulgham each had unexpected monster showings in Week 5 against the Steelers and the Eagles have another tough match-up this week as they go up against the Ravens defence.  Both of them are priced reasonably in this one for their heavy workload, but the match-up with the elite Ravens defence is enough for me to keep both of them off of The Cruncher List.  The Fulgham play, much like Claypool – is another case where it seems like point chasing – and I have no problem not backing up the truck to roster him, even at his price of $4,400 and $5,300.  If I’m wrong – so be it – but this is a tough match-up for an unproven option.  Finally – TE Zach Ertz has not looked good whatsoever so far this season.  The new low was last week where he caught 1 of 6 targets for 6 yards.  The price compared to historical levels seems like a steal – but he’s been so inefficient in the passing game so far with a decent number of targets that I really don’t think he’s worth it.  Part of me wonders if he’s just playing through an injury.  Either way – no problem here sitting out on him until further notice.

The Cruncher List

  • None

Good Plays

  • WR Travis Fulgham

Washington @ New York Giants (-3), Projected Total: 43

Giants vs. QB: 5th Washington vs. QB: 27th
Giants vs. RB: 20th Washington vs. RB: 16th
Giants vs. WR: 21st Washington vs. WR: 4th
Giants vs. TE: 3rd Washington vs. TE: 30th

Washington – Projected Total: 20 points

QB Kyle Allen DK: $5,100 FD: $6,400
RB Antonio Gibson DK: $5,500 FD: $5,800
WR Terry McLaurin DK: $5,700 FD: $6,900
TE Logan Thomas DK: $3,300 FD: $4,800

The price points here are intriguing – but beyond that, I think there are options in better spots this week.  QB Kyle Allen was off to a solid start a week ago before having to leave the game, resulting in the reigns being turned over to Alex Smith – and the rest of the game was pretty dire.  Early on, it looked like Allen was going to use Antonio Gibson a fair bit out of the backfield, and he has some appeal as a low-owned option at RB this week, though the fact that he is sharing snaps with JD McKissic puts a cap on his ceiling and makes him a contrarian option at best.  WR Terry McLaurin could see his stock lowered as a result of the QB change depending on how often Allen gets the ball out to him.  He had a quiet week last week and although he’s priced quite affordably for a player of his calibre, I do prefer other options on the board this week.  TE Logan Thomas is a punt with some upside at TE – I wouldn’t be shocked if Allen used him a decent bit in the passing game – but he has seen a fair amount of targets all season long and hasn’t been able to do much with them.

The Cruncher List

  • None

Good Plays

  • RB Antonio Gibson (DK)
  • WR Terry McLaurin
  • Washington DST

New York Giants – Projected Total: 23 points

QB Daniel Jones DK: $5,400 FD: $6,700
RB Devonta Freeman DK: $4,900 FD: $5,600
WR Darrius Slayton DK: $5,400 FD: $6,000
WR Golden Tate DK: $4,600 FD: $5,400
TE Evan Engram DK: $4,900 FD: $5,600

The Giants check in this week with a pretty low point total, a week after disappointing many DFS players outside of those that solely rostered Darrius Slayton last week.  They are going up against a defence that is pretty good this week and to put it bluntly, I haven’t liked what I’ve seen from this offence.  I thought that we’d see them pop a bit last week as their first four match-ups were extremely difficult, but they looked out of sorts against Dallas on offence, and Washington should present themselves to be a tougher test.

As for Slayton – he’s worth having some exposure to do to his ability to put up some monster games and I like what I see from him in terms of his usage within the Giants offence.  He ranks T13 in targets per game and Jones has been looking his way plenty so far through 5 weeks, something that I don’t see changing anytime soon.  He doesn’t make the cut for The Cruncher List – but he’s a viable play this week on both sites.

As for TE Evan Engram, he salvaged his game last week with a 3-yard rushing TD – but was disappointing yet again through the air.  I do think he’s too talented to stay this quiet, but at TE – I do prefer other options on the board this week.

The Cruncher List

  • None

Good Plays

  • WR Darius Slayton
  • TE Evan Engram
  • Giants DST

Atlanta @ Minnesota (-4), Projected Total: 54

Vikings vs. QB: 21st Falcons vs. QB: 32nd
Vikings vs. RB: 17th Falcons vs. RB: 19th
Vikings vs. WR: 29th Falcons vs. WR: 26th
Vikings vs. TE: 15th Falcons vs. TE: 31st

Atlanta – Projected Total: 25 points

QB Matt Ryan DK: $6,600 FD: $7,400
RB Todd Gurley DK: $6,300 FD: $6,800
WR Calvin Ridley DK: $7,800 FD: $8,600
WR Julio Jones DK: $6,700 FD: $8,200
TE Hayden Hurst DK: $4,700 FD: $5,400

The Falcons come into this one reeling, fresh off the firing of head coach Dan Quinn, sitting at 0-5 as they head to Minnesota.  This game has one of the highest projected totals on the board and there is the opportunity to go with a game stack here, likely going heavier on the Vikings.

Matt Ryan has looked awful in each of the past two games, though in a game that should see plenty of points going up on the board, and with a plus match-up against the Vikings secondary, there’s a lot to like here for the likes of WR Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones.  I won’t be using much, if any of Ryan – but I do think that Ridley is an elite option this week.  After putting up a donut in Week 4, he rebounded with 8-136 on 10 targets a week ago and should be in line for another week where he sees plenty of looks from Ryan.  Julio Jones is priced affordably and while I want to see how he looks – I wouldn’t blame anyone for locking and loading him at a significant discount to the price point on Ridley.  TE Hayden Hurst hasn’t really clicked with Ryan as of yet – but then again, very few have.  He has seen 6+ targets in 3 of his past 4 games and he’s worth mixing in for a low-medium priced TE in your player pool.

As for RB Todd Gurley – he has been extremely TD dependent and going up against a middling rush defence, I have no problem fading him this week.  He should get some touches near the goalline, but his lack of involvement in the passing game really hurts his ceiling.

The Cruncher List

  • WR Calvin Ridley (FD)

Good Plays

  • WR Calvin Ridley (DK)
  • WR Julio Jones (DK)

Minnesota – Projected Total: 29 points

QB Kirk Cousins DK: $6,100 FD: $7,100
RB Alexnder Mattison DK: $7,200 FD: $7,000
WR Adam Thielen DK: $7,300 FD: $7,400
WR Justin Jefferson DK: $6,000 FD: $5,900
TE Irv Smith Jr./Kyle Rudolph DK: $2,500/$3,700 FD: $4,300/$4,500

The Vikings are going to be a popular option this week, which shouldn’t be too surprising given the fact that they are taking on the dismal Falcons defence.  RB Dalvin Cook is out this week, which puts RB Alexander Mattison in prime position to assume the lead back duties as the Vikings look to get Cook healthy on the other side of their bye week, which is in Week 7.  Mattison is an elite option on both sites as he should be in line for 20+ touches against a dismal defence in this one – and he has looked great in limited action spelling Cook so far this season.

As for the passing game, the trio of QB Kirk Cousins, WR Adam Thielen and WR Justin Jefferson are all excellent options this week.  For Thielen, when he is rolling – he is among the best in the game…something that we saw early last season, and something that has re-emerged as Justin Jefferson has commanded some attention in the passing game, freeing up things a little bit for Thielen over the past two games.  He has seen 23 targets in the past two games, and I’d expect him to see another day with double digits on Sunday.  He’s arguably the best WR play on the board this week in my opinon – though he’ll be popular.  If you are looking to pivot off of him, Justin Jefferson will free up some salary and has the skillset to do some damage in this one as well.  He has only seen 10 targets over the past two weeks, but has cleared the century mark twice, is among the leaders in the game in air yards per target – and should be able to get open at will in this game.  He isn’t on The Cruncher List – but is a very intriguing play for Week 6.  It shouldn’t be surprising to say that this spot is outstanding for Cousins given that write up for two of the Minnesota WR’s.  I get it…he isn’t the most trustworthy option, but this match-up is as good as it gets for him.

Finally, TE Irv Smith Jr. ran routes on 72% of passing downs a week ago and is min-priced.  I’m not sure based on some of the quality mid-priced options this week that you need to go nuts with exposure to Smith this week – but he does open up plenty from a roster construction standpoint – and the match-up is outstanding.  He’s min priced on DK and on The Cruncher List as a punt with upside.

The Cruncher List

  • QB Kirk Courins
  • RB Alexander Mattison
  • WR Adam Thielen
  • TE Irv Smith Jr. (DK)
  • Vikings DST (DK)

Good Plays

  • WR Justin Jefferson
  • TE Irv Smith Jr (FD)

Detroit (-3) @ Jacksonville, Projected Total: 54.5 points

Jags vs. QB: 26th Lions vs. QB: 23rd
Jags vs. RB: 24th Lions vs. RB: 32nd
Jags vs. WR: 19th Lions vs. WR: 25th
Jags vs. TE: 27th Lions vs. TE: 8th

Detroit – Projected total: 28.75 points

QB Matthew Stafford DK: $6,300 FD: $7,300
RB D’Andre Swift DK: $4,500 FD: $5,400
RB Adrian Peterson DK: $4,700 FD: $5,500
WR Kenny Golladay DK: $6,200 FD: $7,200
WR Marvin Jones DK: $5,100 FD: $5,800
TE TJ Hockenson DK: $5,300 FD: $5,700

Detroit takes on Jacksonville this week, and the Jags defence comes limping into this one, struggling to defend all facets of the game.  Stafford is in a great spot in this one, fresh off of the bye week and in a game that should be a high scoring affair – I’m expecting him to have a big day here and he’s on The Cruncher List.  The same can be said about Kenny Golladay, who has scored in both games that he has suited up for in 2020 and who has seen 15 targets over that stretch…a number that I think will be ticking upwards after this game in what should be a shootout with two poor defences.

WR Marvin Jones and RB D’Andre Swift (on DK) are two of the more intriguing contrarian options on the slate in my opinion.  Jones – well, has done next to nothing and we’ll soon find out in short order if he is washed, or if he just had a slow start with limited looks going his way.  He’s priced very affordably and makes for an interesting pivot off of Golladay, who will be one of the highest owned options at WR this week.  I’ll take a wait and see approach with him myself – but there is potential upside here for Jones to breakout in this match-up.  As for Swift, he is still behind AP in snaps, but is being used a fair bit in the passing game.  I do think it’s only a matter of time before he takes over the backfield at some point in 2020, and while I’m not calling for it to be this week, he does have a nice floor from his usage in the passing game, and if you are looking for an option that checks in at $4,500 or less at RB or in your FLEX, you could do far worse than Swift.

Finally, TE TJ Hockenson is one of the better options this week at TE against a Jags defence that has struggled mightily to defend the position all season long.  He’s not my favourite option in his price range, but he is still an excellent play this week and makes The Cruncher List.

The Cruncher List

  • QB Matthew Stafford
  • WR Kenny Golladay
  • TE TJ Hockenson

Good Plays

  • RB D’Andre Swift (DK)

Jacksonville – Projected Total: 25.75 points

QB Gardiner Minshew DK: $6,400 FD: $7,200
RB James Robinson DK: $6,800 FD: $6,500
WR Leviska Shenault Jr. DK: $5,200 FD: $5,800
WR DJ Chark DK: $6,300 FD: $6,600
WR Keelan Cole DK: $4,900 FD: $5,600

As of now, I am going to assume that WR DJ Chark is going to sit this one out – though he did get in a limited practice on Friday.  The good news either way regardless of what Chark’s status ends up being for the Jags this week is that the Lions have a dismal defence, both at defending the pass and the run.  QB Gardiner Minshew isn’t my favourite option on the board in his price range as I’d be surprised if he had a ceiling that would play in large field GPP’s this week – but he’s a solid enough option if he floats your boat at his salary on both sites.

If Chark does sit out, WR Leviska Shenault Jr should see plenty of looks and should have a nice day against the Lions secondary.  I still don’t know what happened in terms of his role in this offence in Week 3 against Miami in a game that was almost exclusively garbage time all the way through – but we’ve seen his targets creep up of late with 6, 6 and 8 in his past three games as he gets accustomed to the NFL.  He’s on The Cruncher List this week for the Jags.

RB James Robinson has a great match-up in this one and doesn’t break the bank on either site.  He’s a little pricey for me on DK – but on FD at $6,500 – I think he’s an elite option and he’s on The Cruncher List this week against a defence that has allowed the most points to opposing RB’s so far this season.

The Cruncher List

  • RB James Robinson (FD)
  • WR Leviska Shenault Jr

Good Plays

  • QB Gardiner Minshew
  • RB James Robinson (DK)

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis (-7), Projected Total: 46.5

Colts vs. QB: 1st Bengals vs. QB: 6th
Colts vs. RB: 3rd Bengals vs. RB: 21st
Colts vs. WR: 10th Bengals vs. WR: 12th
Colts vs. TE: 1st Bengals vs. TE: 17th

Cincinnati – Projected Total: 19.75 points

QB Joe Burrow DK: $5,400 FD: $7,100
RB Joe Mixon DK: $6,200 FD: $6,900
WR Tyler Boyd DK: $5,800 FD: $6,100
WR Tee Higgins DK: $4,700 FD: $5,500

I’ve made it a rule to not target the Colts defence until further notice – they’ve been outstanding so far this season…granted, they haven’t played the best offences in any way shape or form – though that also fits the bill for this one too.  With WR AJ Green out, we should see Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins get a few more targets each, and while I like the floors for each, it’s hard to imagine either of them crushing value in a match-up against the Colts.

I do have a little bit of interest in Higgins this week – he has seen 30 targets over the past 4 weeks and is a major threat in the redzone.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see him with 10+ targets in this one, especially if the Colts get up early, and he could be relevant in a large field GPP if he can find the endzone with that type of volume.  Now – he isn’t on The Cruncher List, but if you are looking for a likely low-owned $4,700 or less priced WR or FLEX on DraftKings, he does intrigue me.

The Cruncher List

  • None

Good Plays

  • WR Tee Higgins

Indianapolis – Projected Total: 26.75 points

QB Philip Rivers DK: $5,900 FD: $6,800
RB Jonathan Taylor DK: $6,400 FD: $7,300
WR TY Hilton DK: $5,000 FD: $5,800
WR Zach Pascal DK: $4,700 FD: $5,100
TE Trey Burton DK: $3,100 FD: $4,700

The Colts are large favourites in this one – and right off the top, RB Jonathan Taylor is in a fantastic spot this week going up against a Bengals defence that has struggled against the run and should be in a run heavy game script.  The only drawback here is that he has seen less than 15 touches in two of the past three games, though one of those was with a big lead against the Jets, and another one was when they were down most of the game against the Browns.  I think he’ll approach 20 touches in this one – and if he gets that workload, he should be in line for a big day.

Rivers and the WR’s are a fade until further notice for me.  I haven’t liked what I’ve seen at all from Rivers in terms of getting the ball downfield to Hilton and company, and even though they are quite affordable – I think there is a good reason why they are so cheap.  TE Trey Burton has appeal to me as a punt with upside at the TE position.  He led the Colts TE’s in targets last week (he’s seen 11 targets over the past two weeks) and has shown a nice rapport with Rivers.

The Cruncher List

  • RB Jonathan Taylor
  • TE Trey Burton (DK)

Good Plays

  • TE Trey Burton (FD)

Chicago @ Carolina (-1), Projected Total: 44.5

Panthers vs. QB: 3rd Bears vs. QB: 2nd
Panthers vs. RB: 30th Bears vs. RB: 14th
Panthers vs. WR: 5th Bears vs. WR: 2nd
Panthers vs. TE: 5th Bears vs. TE: 23rd

Chicago – Projected Total: 21.75 points

QB Nick Foles DK: $5,800 FD: $6,900
RB David Montgomery DK: $5,800 FD: $5,900
RB Allen Robinson DK: $7,000 FD: $7,000
TE Jimmy Graham DK: $5,000 FD: $5,400

The Panthers pass defence has been outstanding so far this season – so that, in combination that they are playing the Bears – makes for a pretty easy pass on the passing game for Chicago this week.  WR Allen Robinson continues to be the only DFS option at his price point through the air worth considering, and given this match-up – if you are paying up to his levels, I think there are options in much better spots this week.

RB David Montgomery is in a great spot this week – but I think I’ll be fading him, despite the nice match-up here.  The Bears haven’t been good at running the ball ever since Montgomery joined the squad – and he has been at 3.2 YPC or under in each of the past three games.  There have been some intriguing developments with his usage in the passing game ever since Cohen went on IR – He did haul in 7 of 8 targets last week in Thursday night’s win over Tampa – and saw 6 targets the week before that – so that does raise his floor, but I do prefer other options at the RB position this week.

The Cruncher List

  • None

Good Plays

  • RB David Montgomery

Carolina, Projected Total: 22.75 points

QB Teddy Bridgewater DK: $6,000 FD: $6,900
RB Mike Davis DK: $7,000 FD: $7,500
WR DJ Moore DK: $5,900 FD: $6,800
WR Robby Anderson DK: $6,300 FD: $6,500
WR Curtis Samuel DK: $4,300 FD: $5,100

The Bears defence is a tough draw so outside of RB Mike Davis (due to his CMC-esque usage), I have no problem fading the Panthers.  Davis has seen plenty of work and should be in line for similar usage this week.  He has seen 21+ touches in each of the past three games and has 8, 8, 5 and 9 catches in the past 4 games while scoring in each of the past three weeks.  Due to the match-up, I do prefer other options on the board – but Davis may have the highest floor of any RB this week, and is a rock solid option if you are looking for safety from a high priced back, especially on DK – where he makes The Cruncher List in the full PPR format.

The Cruncher List

  • RB Mike Davis (DK)

Good Plays

  • RB Mike Davis (FD)

Denver @ New England (-9), Projected Total: 44.5

Pats vs. QB: 15th Broncos vs. QB: 24th
Pats vs. RB: 7th Broncos vs. RB: 1st
Pats vs. WR: 23rd Broncos vs. WR: 24th
Pats vs. TE: 7th Broncos vs. TE: 21st

Denver – Projected Total: 17.75 points

QB Drew Lock DK: $5,400 FD: $6,700
RB Phillip Lindsay DK: $4,300 FD: $5,100
WR Jerry Jeudy DK: $5,500 FD: $5,700
WR Tim Patrick DK: $4,500 FD: $5,400

The Broncos are going to be without RB Melvin Gordon, TE Noah Fant and likely WR KJ Hamler this week, really putting them in a tough spot against the Pats defence.  QB Drew Lock is back under center – which will be a nice boost for them, but I think in this match-up against a very strong Pats secondary, the passing game here is a very easy fade.

RB Phillip Lindsay has some appeal here as he should be the clear RB1 with Gordon out.  If you are looking for a punt with upside at the position, Lindsay is in play here – though given the tough match-up for him and the fact that I think the Pats will be focusing on shutting him down given the limited options – it is enough to keep him off of The Cruncher List for me.  He has never been too heavily involved in the passing game despite his small frame, and if he was trustworthy through the air – I’d probably toss him onto the list reluctantly – but I have no problem fading Denver here this week.

The Cruncher List

  • None

Good Plays

  • RB Phillip Lindsay

New England, Projected Total: 26.75 points

QB Cam Newton DK: $6,500 FD: $8,000
RB Damien Harris DK: $5,000 FD: $5,600
RB James White DK: $4,800 FD: $5,200
WR Julien Edelman DK: $5,600 FD: $6,200
WR Damiere Byrd DK: $3,500 FD: $5,100

The Pats have a healthy projected total this week, fresh off of a makeshift bye week because of the virus.  They face a Denver defence that has struggled against the pass and who have done a great job against the run – despite the fact that they have been in some run heavy gamescripts for the opposition – which is interesting to note.  With that said, with RB James White back in the fold – I don’t have a lot of interest in the Pats RB’s for DFS purposes and have no problem just leaving them out of player pools this week.

As for the passing game, Edelman is in a good spot – but is less than 100% and I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t the focal point of the passing game against one of the leagues worst secondaries.  I could see Newton having a great day here and not a whole heck of a lot else in terms of quality DFS plays.  Damiere Byrd on DraftKings is intriuging as a punt with upside at $3,500.  He has seen 22 targets over the past 3 weeks, including games with 9 and 10.  He hasn’t been overly efficient with them, but if he sees 7+ targets – he should be able to provide a solid return on his price point and he opens up a lot from a line-up construction standpoint.  With that said, I’m not overly excited to be using him so he’s not on The Cruncher List, however – he can make a lot of sense if you are looking to squeeze an extra high spend or two into your builds.

The Cruncher List

  • QB Cam Newton

Good Plays

  • WR Damiere Byrd (DK)

New York Jets @ Miami (-9), Projected Total: 47 points

Dolphins vs. QB: 18th Jets vs. QB: 16th
Dolphins vs. RB: 26th Jets vs. RB: 27th
Dolphins vs. WR: 20th Jets vs. WR: 16th
Dolphins vs. TE: 2nd Jets vs. TE: 19th

NY Jets – Projected Total: 19 points

WR Jamison Crowder DK: $6,100 FD: $6,600

At the risk of being dismissive, I thought I’d be wasting your time by including more options than Crowder in the above list.  Then again, I was the same one that said you could safely just leave Miami out of your player pools altogether last week – so take it with a grain of salt.  I think Crowder is an excellent option this week at his price point.  He should see double digit targets from Flacco and while he isn’t my number one choice in his price range, he is certainly on The Cruncher List this week on DraftKings with the full PPR format.  He has seen 11 targets per game played this year, which ranks T2 in the league.

The Cruncher List

  • WR Jamieson Crowder (DK)

Good Plays

  • WR Jamieson Crowder (FD)

Miami – Projected Total: 28 points

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick DK: $5,900 FD: $7,400
RB Myles Gaskin DK: $5,400 FD: $5,700
WR DeVante Parker DK: $6,300 FD: $6,400
WR Preston Williams DK: $4,700 FD: $5,400
TE Mike Gesicki DK: $5,500 FD: $5,600

The Dolphins are projected for a healthy total here and have some attractive options at reasonable prices:

  • QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has been great from a fantasy standpoint all season long, clearing the 25 DKP mark in each of his past 4 games.  The Jets shouldn’t present too much of a challenge to the Dolphins offence in this one and he’s one of my favourite options on the board.  You can use him naked or stacking with the likes of either Gaskin (heavily involved in the passing game), Parker (classic QB-WR stack) and/or Gesicki.
  • RB Myles Gaskin was the main beneficiary of the Dolphins making Jordan Howard inactive last week, and he quickly rewarded Flores and company by punching one in at the goalline.  He should see heavy volume in this one and I’d expect him to clear 20 touches.  He’s probably my favourite option of the sub $5,500 RB on DraftKings and sub $6k on FanDuel this week.

As for the receiving options, WR DeVante Parker continues to be the number one target for Fitzpatrick.  He had a fairly quiet game against the Niners last week but did manage to find the endzone to salvage a solid fantasy day.  He has seen 6.4 targets per game and it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride – but that shouldn’t come as a shock considering he has been banged up most of the season so far…but if he’s out there and healthy, he’s clearly the #1 target.  I find the most difficult thing to project with the ‘new’ Parker is his health, making him dicey the week before the bye week in a game where they could be up big.

TE Mike Gesicki has seen just over 5 targets per game and has made some great catches for Miami, including a couple in the endzone.  I do prefer a couple other options that are priced up this week on DK, but his price on FanDuel is outstanding and he’s a strong option there, though he just misses the cut for The Cruncher List.

The Cruncher List

  • QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • RB Myles Gaskin
  • Dolphins DST

Good Plays

  • WR DeVante Parker
  • TE Mike Gesicki (FD)

Green Bay (-1) @ Tampa Bay, Projected Total: 55 points

Bucs vs. QB: 4th Packers vs. QB: 13th
Bucs vs. RB: 8th Packers vs. RB: 31st
Bucs vs. WR: 9th Packers vs. WR: 13th
Bucs vs. TE: 16nd Packers vs. TE: 6th

Green Bay – Projected Total: 28 points

QB Aaron Rodgers DK: $7,500 FD: $8,400
RB Aaron Jones DK: $7,600 FD: $8,500
WR Davante Adams DK: $8,000 FD: $9,000
WR Marquez Valdez-Scantling DK: $4,600 FD: $5,600
TE Robert Tonyan DK: $5,100 FD: $6,200

The Packers check in with one of the higher projected totals on the board, and will have WR Davante Adams back in the fold, which should be a big boost to their offence…though from how they looked without him, they didn’t miss a beat.  The Bucs have a pretty good defence – one that I don’t normally target – and I’m not really too keen on going there this week…at least in terms of the passing game.  Adams is a viable volume based option, assuming he resumes his usual target share and he’s worth mixing into your player pool.  Rodgers could be in play as well if you think this game lives up to the bill as the highest projected total on the board and turns into a shootout.  One interesting thing that I see this week is that there hasn’t been a ton of buzz around this game…which begs the question, is it being under-appreciated from a game stacking standpoint?  It’s certainly in play for a game you can go heavily stacking in.

As for the running game, the Bucs have done a pretty decent job since Arians took over at limiting opposing RB’s.  I don’t love the play of Aaron Jones here – but something does standout here to me from a game theory standpoint.  He’s projected for the 4th highest production of the week using our DK projections – and while I wouldn’t necessarily take projected ownership levels at face value as they are, I do think we have a great shot at seeing the likes of Derrick Henry, Alexander Mattison owned 5-6x higher than he is.  That intrigues me here, especially for a player like Aaron Jones, who is no stranger to breaking slates. I’m tossing him on The Cruncher List this week, though I’ll grant you he carries more risk than some other backs that are on it due to the tougher match-up.  If this game does live up to his total, I think he has a big day.

The Cruncher List

  • RB Aaron Jones

Good Plays

  • QB Aaron Rodgers
  • WR Davante Adams
  • TE Robert Tonyan

Tampa Bay – Projected Total: 27 points

QB Tom Brady DK: $6,500 FD: $7,500
RB Ronald Jones DK: $6,000 FD: $5,800
WR Mike Evans DK: $6,900 FD: $7,600
WR Chris Godwin DK: $6,400 FD: $7,700
TE Rob Gronkowski/Cameron Brate DK: $4,400/$3,500 FD: $5,000/$4,800

Keep an eye on the status of RB Leonard Fournette because if he is not active on Sunday, Ronald Jones is an elite play at his price point against a poor rush defence.  Even if he is active, I still think Jones is a great option to include in a modest amount of your builds as you’ll be able to get him with lower ownership levels.  The Packers have struggled since the start of 2019 at defending opposing RB’s, essentially rolling out a funnel defence, and based on their success over that stretch – more teams should probably follow suit, but I digress.  Jones is a great option.

As for the passing game, Jaire Alexander is an elite corner and will likely be able to neutralize Mike Evans, assuming that he’s on him most of the game.  He may see some time against Godwin, though with Godwin running many of his routes in the slot, I’m guessing they’ll primarily use Alexander on Evans and then use some bracket coverages on Godwin.  That’s enough for me to be comfortable fading Evans in this one.  Godwin looks to be back in the fold for Brady this week and I’m expecting him to see plenty of looks in a game that should be high scoring.  There’s risk here as we don’t really know just how healthy he is – but I think he’s an elite option on DraftKings where he is relatively cheaper, largely due to the fact that I’m trusting Vegas on this total and I think Alexander will spend most of Sunday afternoon on Evans.  The price point on Brady is quite intriguing on FanDuel at only $7,500, though it has the makings of a trap as the Packers pass defence has done a great job against the pass, even in some instances where they’ve been up big and their opposition has been playing catch up down multiple scores.  So – queue up Ronald Jones?

The Cruncher List

  • RB Ronald Jones
  • WR Chris Godwin (DK)

Good Plays

  • QB Tom Brady (FD)
  • WR Chris Godwin (FD)

Best of luck in your Week 6 DFS action!

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